Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Makeup Tips #3 Defined Brow Arches

Makeup Tips #3

Defined Brow Arches

Defined Brow Arches

Makeup Tip: Defined Brow Arches. Get the look using cruelty free and vegan makeup. Cruelty free is beautiful. Try using the an eyeliner in a color close to your eyebrows, a tan eyeshadow, and a vegan synthetic angled tip brush.

First create the shape. The natural peak of the arch should line up with the outer white of your eye.  Then fill in to create a pronounced arch. Use the eyebrow pencil to add pigment to the top of the arch, fill in gaps, add a bit to the outer upper half of the brow tail, and add a bit to the lower inner corners for more depth.
Lastly, define the shape and accent your brow bone by applying a pale matte eyeshadow under and above the arch with the angled tip brush.

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