Monday, October 5, 2015

Nail Care Tips

Nail Care Tips

Manicured Nails
Nail Care Tips: How to make a manicure last longer. Use vegan, 5 free, and cruelty free base coat, nail polish, and top coat.

Step one: Remove all traces of dirt, oil, and old enamel from your nail bed.

Step two: Shape and file. You want the nail shape to mirror the shape of your cuticle and elongate your fingers. When filing, use gentle motions and file in one direction at a time to prevent breakage.

Step three: Apply a base coat. Base coats helps the polish to stay on nails longer and hide imperfections.

Step four: Polish. Swipe on nail polish in thin even layers and give 2 minutes drying time before applying the second coat. Place the brush a little bit away from the cuticle and swipe the brush up the center to the tip. Repeat this on the left and right sides and then finish nails with a swipe across the tip.

Step five: Once nails are dry put on a top coat. Top coats give a shiny finish and prevent chips. Swipe another coat of top coat a couple of days later for extra protection.

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